Investment Plans
    Min.deposit 10$
    Max.deposit 1000$
    Deposit on 30 days
    Ref. system 7%/3%/2%
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    Min.deposit 500$
    Max.deposit 10000$
    Deposit on 60 days
    Ref. system 7%/3%/2%
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  • PRO
    Min.deposit 1000$
    Max.deposit 99000$
    Deposit on 90 days
    Ref. system 7%/3%/2%
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About company

Fund Oil-Industry is engaged in development and search of the oil in Central Asia. With the latest trends in the growth of oil in 2016, our main goal is to provide opportunities for our partners to invest with us in oil stock and receive a stable income together. Our Company has a group of talented and experienced investors earning worldwide and is actively involved in trading in oil markets. Recent market trends, as well as analytical information large companies show that for oil demand will grow in the next 10 years.

The shareholders have decided to distribute dividends between the co-founder and private investors who do not have experience of trading in the oil markets. We offer a unique opportunity to earn money in a passive mode, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are constantly developing and testing different strategies work on the trade market of oil vouchers that can enhance the efficiency of investments and reduce to a minimum the possible loss of investment funds. Over the past five years, profitable transactions accounted for 89%. With Oil-Industry you will achieve financial freedom regardless of your experience or knowledge.

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